The aim of the Business School Alumni Golf Cup is to get Alumnus from various Belgian and foreign Business Schools together for a friendly Golf Competition that will not only be an opportunity to play golf but also to improve their networking over the frontier of their Alumni.

The first edition of the Business School Alumni Golf Cup took place on May 12, 2006 at the initiative of Félix Van Laethem past president of the Solvay Business School Alumni.

The competition is dedicated to Alumnus that practice golf, but also to Alumnus that don't practice golf and would like to discover that wonderful sport.

The competition is hosted each year by a different Golf Club. It will take place this year at the Golf de Rigenée.

The Golf Cup also welcomes master students of all participant Business Schools in an integrated competition.

Previous editions


May 12, 2006        Golf de la Bawette

May 11, 2007        Golf du Mont Garni

May   9, 2008        Golf de Rigenée

May   8, 2009        Golf de la Bruyère

May   7, 2010        Golf de l'Empereur

May 13, 2011        Golf de Falnuée

May   4, 2012        Golf de Pierpont

May 17, 2013        Golf de Hulencourt

May 16, 2014        Golf du Chateau de la Tournette

May 29, 2015        Royal Golf Club du Hainaut

May 27, 2016        Royal Bercuit Golf Club

April 28, 2017       Golf de 7 Fontaines

April 20,2018        Golf de Rigenée


Coming edition


May  10, 2019       Golf de 7 Fontaines